drumchiksworld asked:
"Hey! Do you have the video from the pre-show that aired? I love Zoie's snark and I'd love to watch the pre-show somewhere online."

sure! here :)

Well…I’m off to see my girlfriend.

How do you like working with Kris and Zoie when it comes to them being your suitors?

Summary of the first 5 episodes of Season 3


  1. Caged Fae:
    Bo risks her freedom to do a favour for Lauren, only to discover she’ll have to go it “au naturel.” The new Ash is revealed. Later, Bo’s new appetites shock…has she not recovered from last season’s battle after all.
  2. SubterrFaenean:
    When Kenzi’s childhood friend is snatched away before her eyes, Bo follows her underground to help find him. Meanwhile, Dyson’s new partner looks like trouble for Bo.
  3. ConFaegion:
    Bo’s houseguest Vex unwittingly brings “greetings” from a vengeful Morrigan - sparking a chaotic role-reversal that demands humans as Kenzi and Lauren work together to save their Fae friends.
  4. Fae-de To Black:
    Bo and Dyson take on a case in the world of new age psychology, and Bo suffers the consequences of denying her ravenous hunger.
  5. Faes Wide Shut:
    When humans start dissolving into goo, Bo uncovers a nefarious twist to a sexy Key Club. Meanwhile, Bo becomes concerned over Kenzi’s attachment to her forcing Bo to make an extreme revelation about her friend.