Hi guys !! I’m sorry for being MIA for so long. I’ve been away from tumblr for like 3 months…I’ve been back on my personal tumblr since april, and then finally like 3 days ago I decided to come back here too. Again, I’m sorry :( I’m gonna start to post stuff again, I promise ;)                                                                                                  

btw I have some messages in my ask but I don’t know how old are they so I don’t know whether to answer them or not lol

andblackandgrey asked:
"You're back! I was wondering where you'd got to =j You make the best Doccubus caps."

aww thank you :) yes, I’m definitely back!

kyoko3 asked:
"welcome back"

aw thank you !!

lostfourwords asked:
"Do you know when season 3 will be airing?"

I’m not sure but I think it’ll start the first week of september, like last year. 

Anonymous asked:
"are you still going to be posting the new episode even with Megaupload and some other file sharing sites are gone?"

sure :) I’ll post a dl link as soon as I find one!

white-flag-raised-to-life-deact asked:
"your blog leaves me breathless!!! Whew!!! drooling over Bo and Lauren..."

aww thanks!! I know, right?! they are hot as hell!!

Anonymous asked:
"Does Lost Girl come back tonight?!"

yes it does !!! :))))