Anonymous asked:
"are you still going to be posting the new episode even with Megaupload and some other file sharing sites are gone?"

sure :) I’ll post a dl link as soon as I find one!

white-flag-raised-to-life-deact asked:
"your blog leaves me breathless!!! Whew!!! drooling over Bo and Lauren..."

aww thanks!! I know, right?! they are hot as hell!!

Anonymous asked:
"Does Lost Girl come back tonight?!"

yes it does !!! :)))) 

kelceylenawiig asked:
"I love your blog!!! you are a wonderful human being(or a fae, I suppose:) anyway. Many Thanks!!!❤"

awww thank you :)) <3

dudethatscomplex asked:
"I'm soo sad for Bo!!! :( When Lauren finds out what Bo has done for her to be happy, Lauren should leave Nadia and return the favor to Bo by making her happy too..."

me too…the entire episode I was like poor bo:( I really hope she’ll find out… and she’ll go back to Bo! but the thing I’m worried about is that she seems really happy now with nadia and I don’t know when she’ll realize that she loves Bo and leave nadia for her. I hope soon tho;)

Anonymous asked:
"I don't want you to feel like I'm rushing you but I'm just afraid that my message didn't go through right. Do you still have any type of requests to do?"

yes, I have. Quite a lot, actually;) that’s why I’m a bit late on some of them. Sorry about that guys:( but I’m gonna make all of them:))

btw if I don’t answer you right away is just because I usually do it before posting the request:)

Anonymous asked:
"streaming link for mega video for the ne ep?"